Example of Social Media Out of Control

Whether this story is a hoax or true, the last line of this online article is what motivated me to post it here. The line? “The Trending Now team contacted the restaurant and its spokesperson Jamie Reagan told us the receipt was doctored. Reagan said the reason that the issue was not corrected more quickly […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Invites Kids to Submit Healthy Recipes for Contest

As part of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona’s 2012 Walk On! program, Phoenix and Tucson residents ages 9 – 12 are invited to enter the Kids’ Cooking Challenge, which encourages children to share their favorite healthy side dishes for a chance to win prizes. Five top entries will be chosen based on originality, potential […]

Riding the Coattails of a Marketing Message

By Jenny Brooks Right now there is a lot of discussion around salt use in restaurants and packaged foods. And several restaurants have climbed on board a national initiative and pledged to reduce the amount of salt they use in their food preparation. There is an article from Nation’s Restaurant News that discusses the big chain restaurants […]

Social Media as a Research Tool

For research geeks and those interested in finding ways to monitor a company’s position in the marketplace with Twitter specifically, this is a great article from The Wall Street Journal. Very interesting. What I liked most was the monitoring of what’s said about a company, measuring its tone – neutral, positive or negative – and then […]

Great Executive Quote

From this article in Nation’s Restaurant News about Chipotle’s third quarter profits. “What pleases me most is that most of this success is the result of the hard work of our restaurant managers and crew, who by their increasingly efficient operation of our restaurants have allowed Chipotle to achieve some of the best margins in the restaurant industry, while […]

Importance of Writing for an Audience

Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist makes a great point about the purpose of writing in this post on her blog. I’m linking to this piece because it addresses what I do as a PR professional. I write to reach a targeted audience with a targeted message. People tend to generalize PR as the profession that […]