About Roaring Lion

When I was in college, I enrolled in my first journalism class at the suggestion of my father. He’d had it with my “undeclared” major. Lord knows at 19 years old I didn’t want my father to be right. But after my first class, I couldn’t deny I had found my calling. Now, all these years later, I am grateful that I uncovered my talents and my passion so early and could build on quality training with extraordinary experiences.


Using all that I’ve learned over the years, I specialize in helping businesses develop and implement a public relations action plan. When you work with me, you’ll gain a partner in your business, a trusted adviser. I become a valuable member of your business team. Your goals become my goals, and you can count on me to find a way to get it done. My strengths are my flexibility, my ability to see the big picture and my dependability. I will approach your business’ needs with a strategic point of view, help you set the right goals and find the best ways to meet them.


I’ve been practicing public relations for more than 10 years, working in non-profit, agency and corporate settings. My clients range in size and industry, but all of them will tell you I’m an expert in public relations. I’m adaptable and learn quickly, and even if I don’t have experience in your industry, it won’t take long before I’m talking your language.


Whether you’re looking to launch a customer-focused newsletter, want to increase awareness and sales for a specific product, or need someone to ghostwrite blog posts for you on a regular basis, I have the talents and skills you need to be successful. Tap into them, and we’ll do great things together.